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Internet protocol address can also be used as the public internal protocol address. In this case, the wireless router manufactures assign the IP address to the wifi router and user can access the wireless routers using that default IP private IP address. Once  private address is given to your wireless router, they open up the default login details. You can use these wireless admin login details every time you need to configure your router. Later on, the default login admin details for the admin can be changed whenever you want. By experts, we suggest that you should change the Default Ip login details because anyone can use your home network very quickly using the default login details.

Private IP Address – IP

Internet Protocol address is accessed same way private IP address is addressed. One thing to remember about private IP address is that you can only access this address using your PC or computer. That means, you will be allowed to use the internet protocol address only and only from your home network. The internet protocol as private IP address is used only and only once in the home network. You can’t use the same private IP address more than once in the wireless internet network. If, by mistake, you use the same IP address for example Default internet protocol address private address more than once in that home wireless network it will know as “IP Conflict” situation. In that case, either one of them or none will work properly. To avoid the “IP address conflict” issue, always make sure you are not adding any new device in the home wireless network with the same private IP address as you are already using.

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